Dundee man, 39, accused of stalking wife and assaulting her six times

Americanmuir Road (stock image)

A Dundee man has been accused of stalking his wife and repeatedly assaulting her.

Christopher Webster, of Americanmuir Road, appeared in private before Sheriff Lorna Drummond on a petition containing a total of 11 charges.

The 39-year-old is alleged to have committed the offences between January 27 2009 and January 9 this year.

He is accused of assaulting Debbie Webster on six separate occasions.

He allegedly pushed Mrs Webster on the body, which caused her to fall, to her injury, at an address in Dunholm Road.

He has also been accused of seizing Mrs Webster by the hair, placing his hand around her neck and restricting her breathing, to her injury, at an address in Lawson Place.

It is also alleged that on numerous occasions, in Lauderdale Avenue, he repeatedly kicked his wife until she fell from a bed they were lying in.

Another charge alleges that he slapped Mrs Webster on the face, to her injury, at Holburn Street in Aberdeen.

He has also been accused of seizing his wife by the wrist and twisting her arm behind her back to her injury in a Ford Mondeo car on a road near the Sidlaws, and elsewhere unknown, and slapping her face, to her injury, at an address at The Cedars.

He is also accused of engaging in a course of conduct at Lauderdale Avenue, and elsewhere, which caused Mrs Webster fear or alarm by repeatedly sending her messages, following her in his car and repeatedly making telephone calls to her.

It is also alleged that on two separate occasions, at Lawson Place and at The Cedars, Webster conducted himself in a disorderly manner, and shouted and swore and punched television screens, causing them to smash.

He has been accused of behaving in a threatening or abusive manner likely to cause fear or alarm, and shouting, swearing and uttering derogatory remarks at his wife in Lauderdale Avenue.

Webster, who made no plea or declaration, was granted bail and was committed for further examination.