Dundee man, 24, jailed for leading police on high-speed police chase through city on Bonfire Night

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A man who led police on a high-speed chase through Dundee streets has been jailed.

Craig Cathro, 24, of Clifden Blue Court, travelled at speeds of up to 80mph, causing officers to abandon their pursuit due to public safety fears.

He also drove through a temporary road closure the wrong way and was detained only after crashing his car in Longforgan.

Cathro admitted that on November 5 on various roads in Dundee — between the Clepington Road area and Charleston — he drove dangerously at excessive speed, failed to obey a traffic stop signal, drove through a road closure, and drove on the opposing carriageway and verges without due regard for other road users.

He also admitted driving without insurance, driving on a provisional licence without supervision or L-plates, and failing to stop when required to do so.

Depute fiscal Isma Mukhtar told the court police were on mobile patrol in Arklay Street shortly after 11am when they saw Cathro driving the vehicle, which had been linked to an incident. They activated the blue lights and indicated to him to stop.

She said: “The car made off through various streets at excessive speed, failed to give way at Strathmore Avenue and drove along Brantwood Avenue, Loons Road and Coupar Angus Road, continued to speed and failed to give way at traffic lights, before continuing through a road closure area against the flow of traffic.

“At Kingsway, he continued at speeds exceeding 50mph and turned into Buttars Loan, mounting the grass verge, before turning into South Road where police abandoned the chase due to concerns for public safety, as the vehicle was going at between 40mph-80mph.

“The vehicle was seen travelling on the A90 towards Perth and was involved in an accident in Longforgan.”

Cathro was arrested and in a police vehicle acted in an aggressive manner.

When searched at Police HQ, four wraps of diamorphine were found in his pocket.

Solicitor John Boyle said Cathro accepted his manner of driving was “atrocious” and was fortunate the consequences had not been worse.

Sheriff Alastair Brown told Cathro he was lucky to be on a summary complaint before jailing him for eight months and disqualifying him from driving for five years, telling him he must pass an extended driving test.