Dundee hopes to get thousands of jobs through oil and gas decommissions

A BP oil rig

Dundee hopes to secure thousands of new jobs  by “revolutionising” the oil and gas decommissioning sector.

A new public-private partnership called Dundeecom has been set up to help create a new industry in the city.

Forth Ports has said bidding is already under way for some contracts and it expects activity in the sector to “increase rapidly”.

It is estimated decommissioning at the Port of Dundee could create more than 5,000 jobs.

More than 300 North Sea oil fields are expected to cease production over the next 15 years and companies have a legal requirement to decommission rigs.

The proposal is a key part of the Tay Cities Deal and would see Dundee supported by Montrose and Methil to create the UK’s leading centre for decommissioning.