Dundee has highest rate of domestic abuse in country

Mary Miller, manager of Dundee Women’s Aid

Figures have revealed that people living in Dundee are more likely to fall victim to domestic abuse from a partner than any other council area in the country.

The most recent round of statistics showed that 2,356 incidents were reported in 2015/16 — a rate of 160 per 10,000 people.

The rate in Dundee is more than 32% above the national average — and almost double that of neighbouring Perth and Kinross — which had 81 incidents per 10,000 people in the same time period.

The statistics were published by the Scottish Government in a crime and justice report. Last year was the third in a row Dundee had topped the Scottish domestic violence “league of shame” with the highest rate of incidents per population, broken down by local government area.

However, the number of incidents in Dundee had reduced by 6.3% compared with 2014/15, when there were 2,525 recorded.

When the figures were released, Mary Miller, manager of Dundee Women’s Aid, said she felt they pointed to an increase in reporting of incidents. She said: “I don’t necessarily think there are more cases of domestic abuse in Dundee than elsewhere.

“I think this is down to how police handle these incidents and we’re becoming better at reporting these crimes.

“Cases are being reviewed by high ranking officers to make sure they are being handled correctly.

“Domestic abuse doesn’t discriminate either — there is no ‘typical’ domestic abuse victim. It can and does happen to anyone.”

Dundee Women’s Aid’s helpline is 01382 207099.