Dundee grandad living in fear of fire-threat vandals who daubed ‘grass’ on his front door

Brian Miller, who says yobs have been targeting him for the past eight months, pictured at his home in Menzieshill.

A Dundee grandad says he is living in fear of teenagers who are making his life a “living hell”.

Brian Miller, 62, from Menzieshill, said yobs have threatened to torch his house, smash his car, regularly bang on his windows and had written the word “grass” at his front door.

He said he is terrified to go to sleep in case petrol is poured through the letterbox of his Strathcarron Road home.

Mr Miller, who is currently off his work with health problems, said: “This has been going on for around eight months and it’s making my life hell.

“After I reported them to the police they threatened to torch my house and damage my car.

“They also wrote grass above my door. I was afraid to go to sleep and I’d lay awake at night listening in case they were pouring petrol through my letterbox.

“This is terrifying and no way to have to live — these teenagers are making my life hell.

“As well as the threats, they are constantly banging on my windows and doors and on loads of occasions they have kicked in the front door of the block of flats to gain entry.

“When they can’t get entry to the building they bang on the windows every hour through the night. To begin with I would open the security door to let them in but now I’ve stopped.

“I’ve reported this to the police on several occasions — the teens found out and that was when the grass graffiti began.”

Mr Miller, who is a self-employed joiner, said that one day he looked out his window and saw a small group hitting his car with a heavy object.

He said: “When I went out they ran away but they had been trying to smash the windows on my car.

“I phoned the police on that occasion but nothing ever happened and the threats continue.

“The most recent incident was just over Christmas when people were kicking the door up to 10 times a day and then came crashing through it.

“Something really needs to be done to stop them doing this because I don’t want to have to live like this any longer.”

A spokesman for Police Scotland confirmed officers are aware of ongoing issues regarding anti-social behaviour in Strathcarron Road.

He added: “We are investigating matters that have been reported.”