Dundee football fans could face parking ban at Dens and Tannadice

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Football fans could face a new parking ban on match days at Dens Park and Tannadice.

Residents living near the two stadiums have been plagued for years by selfish drivers parking on pavements.

But now Councillor Mark Flynn is spearheading a drive to ease the congestion by rolling out a vehicle registration scheme for householders.

Residents would take proof of vehicle ownership to council headquarters, while those with company cars would require a letter from bosses.

Councilor Flynn with Dens Park and Tannadice in the background.

Mr Flynn said: “Hopefully this residents’ parking scheme would be free and, after giving their details, on match days or nights enforcement officers would be in the area to scan number plates to check if they belonged to people there.

“We have had many discussions with the football clubs and they are very much up for it.

“I have met residents in the area and 98% of them are very keen to see this introduced.”

He added: “There is an important safety aspect, given the demographics showing there are many elderly residents there.

“I am a football fan myself and I actually saw on the way to a big game between Dundee and Celtic last season that cars were parked all over the pavements on Fleming Gardens.

“One elderly lady and her husband could not get along the pavement and had to go on the road. Even then they had difficulty getting into their home.

“It is totally unacceptable and it is down to selfish drivers.

“Since I was elected two years ago, it has been one of my hopes to have this in place quickly.

“However, there is a lot of work still to be done and, unfortunately, it will not be in place for the new football season.

“But I envisage it could be up and running before the new year once the technology is in place and new road lines and signs are put in place and various legalities are sorted.

“If everything goes to plan, the scheme will be introduced between Provost Road and Arklay Street, including all the roads in between. There will be statutory £60 fines and repeat offenders will have their vehicles removed.”

The proposed residents’ scheme would be the first of its kind in Dundee. The plans will be put before the council on September 9.

Mr Flynn said: “I feel sorry for the residents who face this each week of the season but hopefully the plans will go through.

“As a fan I will have to get a bus, a lift or walk, but it’s a small price to pay.”