Dundee foodbank set to get busier after Universal Credit begins

Rizwan Rafik of Taught by Mohammad at the foodbank

Staff at a Dundee foodbank admit they are on standby for an upsurge in applications following the roll-out of a controversial shake-up of the social security system.

Universal Credit was launched in Dundee and Angus on Wednesday amid anger that claimants have to wait six weeks before receiving funds. Rizwan Rafik, from Dundee’s Taught by Muhammad foodbank, said the charity is waiting to find out the effect of the shake-up.

Between April and September, Taught by Muhammad supplied 726 adult and 240 child food parcels.

While no statistics have yet been gathered for claimants in Dundee, Rizwan says witnessing the effect of Universal Credit on foodbanks in other areas of the country has left the charity on high alert.