Dundee family issue warning after pet dog Sully ‘poisoned’ in garden

A family has warned dog owners to be vigilant amid fears their pet was deliberately poisoned — leaving him battling for his life.

Vets believe three-year-old border collie Sully consumed antifreeze or rat poison in his back garden at Balunie Drive.

Owner Jane Tosh, 50, said the agility dog was rushed into Wallace Veterinary Centre after becoming “lifeless”.

Sully the border collie

The situation has now been reported to the police.

Jane said: “The dog had only gone out into the back garden on Tuesday.

“We had tragically lost our German shepherd Bella the day before as her back legs had gone.

“As a result of everything that had been going on, the dogs hadn’t been to the park that day.

“We know it has been something Sully has consumed in the back garden, which is close to a main road and footpath.”

Georgia Tosh with her dog, Sully.

Sully had eaten his breakfast that morning before going outside.

Jane added: “We have eight dogs and Sully was the first dog to go out that morning. As soon as he came in I thought he had hurt something. Within minutes his eyes were going, his gums were bleeding and he became lifeless.”

Sully is still being treated at the vet but the family has been told to be prepared to lose the dog. Daughter Georgia, 20, said: “Jim Wallace at the vets has done an incredible job.

“We’ve already been told if Sully pulls through he will have liver damage. Through blood tests the vet has been able to establish Sully has consumed some sort of poison, whether that be rat poison or antifreeze.

“The police came up on Wednesday to get more information. We want to make as many people aware as possible of what happened.”

Jane added: “When I heard the cause of this I immediately thought this has been done deliberately.

Georgia Tosh in the garden of her Douglas home, where family dog Sully was poisoned.

“All my other dogs are fine. We don’t own any antifreeze, arsenic or rat poison.

“I’m very strict with what these dogs eat as I run them in number of shows across the UK.

“All the other dogs are absolutely fine.”

A Police Scotland spokesman said: “We are aware of the incident and are investigating.”