Dundee drug supplier who made £40k profit strikes deal with prosecutors to pay back £2,075

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A drug dealer who made nearly £40,000 in profit selling cocaine and cannabis has struck a deal with prosecutors to pay back just £2,075.

The Crown sought to claw back £37,075 from Hamish Brackett but has accepted less than 10% of that figure under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Sheriff William Wood confirmed at Perth Sheriff Court that father-of-two Brackett had made £37,075 from his “general criminal conduct”.

However, he ordered Brackett to hand over just over £2,000 which he said was the sum of his recoverable assets.

Fiscal depute Robbie Brown said: “This matter is to be settled on the basis that the benefit was £37,075, but it’s clear the only available amount is the cash held by the police.”

Brackett, 32, of Breadalbane Terrace, was jailed for 45 months last year after he admitted getting caught with the drugs during a police surveillance operation.