VIDEO: Dundee’s drug epidemic laid bare to nation on Channel 4 News

Dundee’s drug problem was laid bare on national TV yesterday with Channel 4 News highlighting the issue.

The award-winning news programme lead the show with a special report from the City of Discovery.

It followed the plight of two homeless drug users in the city centre and spoke to the bereaved mothers of two addicts who lost their lives.

The programmed claimed 12 people had already died this year due to overdoses, reaffirming the city’s tag as capital of drug deaths in Scotland, as previously covered in the Tele.

In comparison, 38 people lost their lives in the whole of 2016, the latest official figures available.

We previously revealed that fake Valium was linked to a number of deaths over a short period across the City of Discovery last year, an issue raised in the Channel 4 report.

The Channel 4 report spoke to the mothers of Samantha Fearn, 36, and 33-year-old Susan Kennedy who both recently lost their lives due to drugs.

Liz Johnston

Liz Johnston, Samantha’s mum, recalled the pain of having to tell her seven-year-old granddaughter that her mother had passed away.

While Susan’s mum Kate Brady claimed the ones dealing drugs only cared about their incomes.

Kate Brady

She said: “If I could find the person who gave her that I don’t know what I’d be capable of. I don’t like drug dealers. I hate them with a passion. They just dole out misery. They don’t care that they’re killing people, that doesn’t matter to them.

“They’re not interested that children are involved. All they’re interested in is the money. Samantha died for maybe £10. And that’s what her life is worth — £10 to a dealer.”