DUNDEE DECIDES: Will you vote for street lighting or community centre improvements?

More than £1 million of council money is up for grabs — and where it’s spent is entirely up to you.

Each ward has been allocated up to £150,000 to spend on improvement works as part of the council’s £1.2m community infrastructure fund.

Residents of each area can vote online for the projects they would like to see take priority, with the results announced at a special event later this month.

In the first of a series of features, the Tele is highlighting projects that could be brought to life as part of Dundee Decides.

Today, reporter Ciaran Shanks look at the choices available in the Lochee ward.

In Lochee, there are eight options available for residents to vote on until next week.

Arguably, the most prominent is the creation of a new clock in the High Street — a landmark which once stood proudly near to the health centre, but was removed several years ago during redevelopment work and put into storage.

Residents — including members of the Save Our High Street campaign group — repeatedly called for its return.

In October, the Tele revealed the designs for a replacement clock in the heart of Lochee. But now the public will get to decide whether or not it will be given the go-ahead.

Other projects being put forward for funding include street lighting for playparks in South Road and Menzieshill, improvements to Charleston Community Centre and a new pedestrian crossing in South Road.

Votes can also be cast for a new play area in Dryburgh, improvements to Alec Craigie Green and an upgraded car park and internal refurbishment for the Craigowan Sheltered Housing Complex.

If any funds are left over after winning projects have been selected, they will be allocated to enhance winning projects in each ward.

All of the money will be spent on physical projects like improvements to play areas, introducing pedestrian crossings, pavements and lighting.

Charleston campaigner Stella Carrington says she’s pleased with the array of projects eligible for funding and is hoping for a high number of votes across the Lochee ward.

She said: “I think it’s a great idea and the council has done its utmost to get people involved and get them voting. There are quite a lot of projects I’d like to see get done.

“The Lochee clock I think will be quite popular. For me, though, I would like to see a new playpark brought in at Dryburgh because they don’t have one.

“I’m sure there are things people would like to see introduced.”

Voting for Dundee Decides opened in January and will close on March 23. The results will be revealed at the Steeple Church on Thursday March 29 at 10am.

Mrs Carrington added: “Everyone has what they think is dear to them that should be done, but I’m sure whatever is selected will be worthwhile.

“It’s money that we are getting to spend which is much better than the council coming in and just deciding what they are going to do. “Hopefully we get a lot of people voting.”