DUNDEE DECIDES: Have your say on what to spend in the East End

Play areas within Finlathen Park Could be improved

The council’s depute provost has hailed the work of Dundee Decides in her ward.

East End councillor Christina Roberts thinks the “brilliant” community budgeting scheme can lead to more people getting involved in their area.

The Tele has been showcasing the projects that could be carried out as a result of the public vote.

Dundee City Council has allocated £150,000 to each council ward where votes can be cast for a variety of different improvements.

There are five projects vying for funding in the East End, the fewest of any of the city wards.

These include a £40,000 scheme to build a play area on the site of St Vincent’s Primary following the demolition of the building, and improvements to the area around Balerno Bowling Club, at a cost of £90,000.

Speaking to the Tele, Councillor Roberts said: “I’ve been aware of the council officers speaking to people around the local communities.

“I’ve not been told about how many votes have been cast but I’ve spoken to a few people in Whitfield about it.

“Some of their projects weren’t selected as part of what’s on offer but hopefully that’s something that will change in the future.

“People should be having their opinion on these things, it’s better that way.

“I think the next time we’ll see more of the community being asked for what projects they would like to see taken forward.

“It’s going to make the community look more at what is in their area and get involved, especially if it’s a project they’re going to support so the concept is brilliant.

“It has to be something they can get behind for it to work.”

Other schemes on offer to East End residents are improvements to play areas in Finlathen Park, including new play trails, outdoor gym equipment and even a “dog exercise area”.

A proposal to improve the Claypotts, Dighty and Green Circular cycle paths would cost £55,000, and includes repairs to the bank erosion in Finlathen Park.

Finally, there is the option to create a zebra or pedestrian crossing across from the playing fields in Arbroath Road.

Local councillor Margaret Richardson said: “I think a lot of the projects are things that the council should be doing anyway but the fact that people are going to have their say is positive.

“I think the principle is good and I’m aware that the council officers have been out and into the libraries trying to get people involved.

“I think it needs to reach as many people as possible because so much of it is online.

“People should be allowed to participate in their area and this will allow them to get involved in some way.

“It’s the first year so hopefully there will be more projects in the future.”

Dundee Decides is the name for the city council’s £1.2 million community infrastructure fund, to be shared across the city’s eight wards.

Voting opened on January 29 and will close this Friday.

The results will then be announced at a special event at the Steeple Church in Dundee city centre on Thursday March 29.

Money left over from winning projects will be allocated to enhance the other projects in that ward.