DUNDEE DECIDES: Dream of improved shopping area could come true

The Evening Telegraph is highlighting projects that could be brought to life as part of Dundee Decides. Today, in the second of an eight-part series, reporter Ciaran Shanks look at the choices available to residents in the West End.

Almost 1,000 West End residents have cast their votes for Dundee Decides — and it’s hoped even more people will take part.

Councillor Fraser Macpherson says he’s pleased with the response in his ward.

The scheme will see £150,000 allocated to projects voted on by residents.

More than £1.2 million of Dundee City Council money will be spread across every ward on projects voted for by the public.

After casting an eye over the options in Lochee, the Tele today focuses on six possible developments in the West End.

These include improvements to Blackness Primary School’s playground, lighting for Magdalen Green and work on Perth Road’s shopping district.

Votes can also be made for improvements to Lochee Park’s play area, a feasibility study on the river line walkway and safer pedestrian routes.

Councillor Fraser Macpherson praised the work done to promote the process.

He said: “I think we have an excellent range of projects in the West End.

“The good thing about them is they are spread out in different parts of the ward.

“You’ve got Lochee Park in the northern section and then all the way down to Magdalen Green in the south.

“We are heading for around 1,000 votes in the West End, so it has been a reasonable response which is good considering it is the first time we have attempted anything like this.

“My message now would just be to encourage more people to turn out and vote before the deadline for the projects they would like to see carried out.”

He added: “I have to pay tribute to the communities officer who has been out speaking to community groups and people in the street.

“I’m a great believer in asking constituents for their opinion on these type of matters.

“If this process is introduced again I would like to see constituents asked about what kind of projects they’d like to vote on rather than just being presented with the choices.”

Fellow West End councillor Richard McCready also believes Dundee residents should take part.

He added: “The idea of people getting a say is something I’m hugely in favour of.

“There’s a number of excellent proposals in the West End ward and the Lochee Park is one in particular that I’m hugely in favour of.

“That’s something that I’m sure not only residents in the West End would benefit from but people in the Lochee ward also.

“It’s great that we’re doing this and giving people the chance to get involved.

“Hopefully people will get the chance to be involved in the broader council budgeting in future.”