‘She should have got 10 years’… Dad of Dundee mum Marie Low will never forgive her killer

Albert Low, who said the sentencing of his daughter Marie’s killer had given his family closure.

The father of a Dundee mum who was stabbed to death in a street said he will “never forgive” his daughter’s killer.

Siobhan Russell was sentenced to five-and-a-half-years at the High Court in Edinburgh on Wednesday.

Russell had armed herself with a knife — attacking Marie Low in a fatal confrontation in Ballantrae Terrace.

She was originally charged with murdering her 36-year-old victim, but was later convicted of the reduced charge of culpable homicide.

Marie’s father, Albert Low, 70, said the family went through more than “18 months of hell” after her death in September 2016.

Albert said that although the sentence had given the family some closure, he described it as “paltry” and believes his daughter had been “demonised in court”.

Marie Low

The father-of-five, who attended every day of the trial in Aberdeen, decided not to attend yesterday’s sentencing. He said: “Those six days in Aberdeen were hell.

“Each day it was getting worse — I felt Marie was demonised during the trial.”

Albert said Russell had apologised to him on the final day of the trial for what had happened to Marie.

He added: “As the trial unfolded, the self-defence element had started to worry me.

“I thought the tables were going to turn after what had been said in court about my daughter.

“All I can say now is at least we got some justice at the end of this.

Marie’s father, Albert Low

“Before Wednesday’s hearing, I had a sleepless night thinking what the outcome was going be.

“I thought it would have been a minimum of eight to 10 years.”

Albert said despite the sentence being shorter than that, the matter had brought some closure.

He added: “I’ll never be able to forgive Siobhan for what she has done. I would struggle to look at her if I met her in the street when she’s released.

“She has taken my daughter away from me and I will never forget or forgive for that loss.

“Although I don’t agree with the sentence, some justice has been served.

“There are some families who don’t even get that — and I have to commend the police for the way they led the investigation.”

Albert said the tragic events have brought his family closer together.

He added: “I know my daughter wasn’t perfect but she was perfect in my eyes. The family has become stronger as a result of the events throughout the trial. We knew we must be strong.

“This situation has ripped a part of my heart out but I know I’ll see Marie again.”