Dundee couple hope to thank ‘heroes’ who saved dog from icy River Tay

Alan and Janice with Rena, who is doing well after her ordeal.

A couple have thanked two “hero” passersby who saved their pet dog from drowning in the River Tay.

Rena, three, a rescue dog from Brown Street Kennels, was being walked along Riverside Drive when she became spooked and leapt into the freezing water.

As Rena battled against the tide, two people pulled over in their car and came to the dog’s aid.

The pair then managed to hook a walking stick on her collar and pull her to safety.

Owners Janice Christison, 56, and Alan McIntosh, 64, thanked the two men who saved their pet pooch.

BT call centre worker Janice said Rena would have perished in the ice cold water if it hadn’t been for the quick thinking of the passersby.

Janice said: “Something happened.

“We are not sure what, but she just took off and jumped the wall by about two feet.

“It must have been absolutely freezing temperatures.

“It wasn’t full tide, but the tide was in, she was trying to climb out but she couldn’t — the tide kept pulling her out.

“There was an older guy and a young guy in a car and they came out.

“The older guy had a walking stick.

“Somehow, he managed to hook the walking stick on her collar and pull her out the water.

“He tried a couple of times but it didn’t work, it was like Rena was trying to help.

“Then the third time he tried, it was like she gave it one last big push and he was able to hook the stick onto her.

“She is alive because of these two guys.

“If they hadn’t been there then I don’t know what would have happened.

“She was so cold, Alan had to run with her to warm her up — she is doing fine now though.

“If it wasn’t for their help, I don’t know what the outcome would have been.”

Janice said she was shocked that Rena had jumped over the wall into the water.

She added: “It is so out of her nature, she usually doesn’t bother with anything.

“It could be other dogs, other people – she is usually totally fine.

“I think she just got a bit excited or something spooked her — we aren’t sure.”

The couple — who come from the West End area of the city — have urged the Good Samaritans to come forward so that they could thank them personally.