Dundee council turns down plan to build one ‘modern, not overstated’ home

Perth Road near Seymour Lodge

A bid to build a “modern, not overstated” dwelling in the grounds of another home in the West End has been rejected by the city council.

Applicant Paul Allan had hoped to build the two-storey, three-bed home in the grounds of Seymour Lodge on Perth Road.

The proposal was met with resistance by the West End Community Council, which claimed building would have an “adverse effect” on the local area.

The council refused permission as it believed the new dwelling would have a “significant” impact on the character of the local area.

In its final report, it said: “The proposal would have a significant adverse impact on the character and setting of the West End Suburbs Conservation Area and the adjacent category A-listed Seymour Lodge.”

A Victorian Gothic mansion first opened in 1880, Seymour Lodge was designated as a Grade A listed building in 1965, and was once an all-girls’ private school.