Dundee council defends removal of bus stop after complaint about congestion

The bus stop on Arbroath Roa,d near Boar's Rock
The bus stop on Arbroath Roa,d near Boar's Rock

Dundee City Council has responded to a Tele reader’s complaint about the moving of a bus stop.

A reader wrote: “Can someone please explain the logic of the bus stop being moved from within the layby outside the Boar’s Rock bar?

“It is now on the roadside at Arbroath Road beside the traffic crossing islands.

“This means that cars have no room to overtake a bus at the stop on the approach to the Scott Fyfe circle, causing even more congestion in an already busy area.”

A Dundee City Council spokesman responded: “The move of the bus stop was undertaken to improve safety for both pedestrians and motorists as the traffic island will prevent overtaking when a bus is at the stop.

“The previous stop, which was regularly misused for parking, has now been replaced with parking and loading spaces to benefit local businesses.”