Dundee council approves plan for 20 solar-powered electric vehicle chargers

Dundee City Council’s electric vehicle (EV) push is stepping up a gear with the approval of a plan to bring more chargers to a multi-storey car park.

The move will see 20 EV chargers installed on the roof of the Greenmarket car park, powered by an array of solar panels and additional electrical infrastructure beside the car park’s exit.

It is believed the devices will be so-called “trickle chargers” which a car can be plugged into all day to charge up at a slower rate.

At present, chargers in Greenmarket and other city multi-storeys have a maximum limit of three hours – the time it takes to fully charge the car using a higher-voltage charger.

Council planning officers gave the go-ahead to the plans with no conditions, stating: “The application is for essential infrastructure to provide access for charging electrical vehicles as part of the city’s mission to reduce pollution levels, creating a safer and cleaner environment.”