Dundee council admits parking restrictions near Dens Park and Tannadice have been ‘in wrong place since 2007’

Hindmarsh Avenue has been subject to a traffic order since 2007.
Hindmarsh Avenue has been subject to a traffic order since 2007.

Dundee City Council will review match day traffic controls close to Dens Park and Tannadice after a resident discovered parking restrictions in a nearby street had apparently been in the wrong place for 11 years.

Nicola McRae, from Hindmarsh Avenue, turned detective after she challenged a £60 fine given to her son Darren, 23.

Since 2007, the street has been subject to a traffic order during match days to alleviate congestion, when “no waiting” cones are placed along sections of the road.

Darren had parked on the opposite side of the street to his mum’s house, where the cones were lined up, but still received a penalty charge notice.

But after Nicola appealed, Darren received a letter from the council cancelling the fine because “there has been an error where the cones were placed on the day”.

However Nicola, 43, who has lived in Hindmarsh Avenue for eight and a half years, said the cones had always been placed on her side of the street.

And after asking for a copy of the traffic order, she realised the council had been making the same mistake every match day for as long as she’d lived there.

Hindmarsh Avenue splits into two “legs”, east and west, and according to the order, cones should be placed on the opposite side of the street from the houses.

But instead, officials have been placing them on the housing side, effectively invalidating the council order.

Nicola said: “The order says they’re supposed to be on the other side of the street from the houses, but they’re always put out on our side.

“I’ve now got a letter back saying the fine has been cancelled.

“My neighbour, who paid her fine, has been told she is due a refund.”

She added: “The order’s been in place since 2007, so they must have been doing it for 11 years.”

A Dundee City Council spokeswoman said: “Ahead of the new season we will be looking at the issues that have arisen and will talking to both football clubs about these.”

Nicola also submitted a freedom of information request asking how many people had been fined under the traffic restrictions since 2007.

It revealed 13 parking charge notices had been issued in that time, seven of which had been appealed, all successfully. The remaining six charges were refunded.

Nicola said: “I can’t believe it’s only 13 fines in 11 years.

“Given how many cars come down here, you would think there would have been a lot more.”