Dundee cop visits German town after sighting of missing brother Liam Colgan

A Dundee police officer has travelled to a German town in a bid to find his missing brother.

Liam Colgan, 29, vanished on Saturday while on a stag do in Hamburg that he had organised for Eamonn.

Eamonn, whose dad is from Dundee, revealed police are investigating a possible sighting of a “confused” man on Wednesday in Buxtehude, a town outside Hamburg.

Liam (left) and Eamonn Colgan

Speaking from Hamburg today, Eamonn, 33, a serving officer in Dundee, said: “We have been told there was a possible recent sighting of Liam in Buxtehude.

“The witness reported that the individual they saw appeared confused and spoke English.

“Furthermore, police dogs have been able to pick up a scent in the area which indicate Liam was not there for long.

“These developments lead us to believe Liam may well have moved on to another area, and as such, we urge those in all areas of Hamburg and even outside to remain vigilant, as he could present himself at any time in any area.

“If you see someone who matches the description, say hello to him, inform German police on 110 — and contact us.”

Liam Colgan

Eamonn and his fiancée Susan Dolan, 33, from Carnoustie, were due to be married on March 2.

However, the couple has now postponed their wedding while Liam remains missing.

Eamonn added: “We are not thinking about the wedding while Liam is still missing.”

Liam singing in a band

Liam, a Dundee United fan, was last seen at 1.30am in the early hours of Saturday in a bar.

Initially Eamonn returned home to Scotland but yesterday, along with Susan and several other friends and family members, travelled back to the city to re-trace Liam’s steps and help the search.

He added: “This potential sighting is quite far from where he was last seen.”

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