Dundee city centre road to stay closed longer than expected as work on flats continues

Workers at Seagate,at the top of Trades Lane.
Workers at Seagate,at the top of Trades Lane.

A city centre road is to stay closed longer than expected as work on a multi-million pound block of flats continues.

However, the 28 two-bedroom apartments, at Trades Lane, beside Seagate bus station, are still on course for opening next June.

The road was due to be opened at the end of this month since being closed last July to allow construction work to kick off.

Dundee architects James Paul Associates confirmed the project is still on course, but that the road will take a few weeks longer than expected to re-open.

Partner Roddy Paul told the Tele: “There were technical challenges with the ground works due to the history of the site.

“The foundation had to be piled and obviously that made it more time consuming.

“There were more complications than people anticipated, but now it’s up and running.

“There was no safety issue and the engineers have signed it off 100% and the whole thing is scheduled still to open in June next year.”

The £2 million project is on the site of a former two-storey factory unit once used by McLeish Fresh Food, but it was demolished three years ago after lying empty since 2008.

The new block will be constructed from sandstone, metal and glass, and will feature a public art installation at the side of the building.

Inside, the apartments will take up floors one to seven.

The ground floor will host a commercial unit, bicycle storage plus a shared yard area at the rear of the building.

Mr Paul added: “Because the flats are of a high quality design, it takes a little longer to make sure everything is done right.

“There is obviously a lot of pretty intense work being carried out now for the opening next June to ensure everything is done and dusted and up to standard.

“The key thing now is to get it wind and water tight then we can fire on from there to complete everything on time.”