Dundee church appeals for clothes donations for local charities

Gate Church in Dundee.
Gate Church in Dundee.

A church in Dundee is urging people to donate used clothes in order to help reduce the UK’s carbon footprint.

Gate Church has placed give boxes at various locations across the city, including Tesco Kingsway, Dundee Central Library, the Butterfly Cafe and Riverside View Care Home.

Donated items are distributed among local charities that help people in need, such as Togs 4 Tots to Teens, Dundee Clothing Project and Starter Packs.

Every year, garments worth an estimated £140 million end up at a landfill in the UK, meaning clothing consumption accounts for 5% of the UK’s total annual carbon footprint.

The Gate Church carbon saving project hopes to reduce these figures by changing attitudes in Dundee.

Riverside View Care Home manager Angela Percival said: “We are really pleased to be able to offer a space for this box as we were looking to build local links and help the community at the same time.

“Having a box in place takes up so little space but could have a big impact on someone’s life.”

An up-to-date map of locations where people can donate can be found on the church’s Facebook page.

Businesses or workplaces that may be interested in having a give box on their premises are asked to get in touch with the project coordinator Lynsey Penny at lynseypenny@gatechurch.co.uk or call 01382 221222.