Dundee care home worker allegedly groped female colleague in front of elderly resident

© DC ThomsonDundee Sheriff Court.
Dundee Sheriff Court.

A care home worker groped his female colleague in a dark room in front of an elderly resident, a court has heard.

Washington Manenji is also alleged to have a repeatedly touched another female workmate inappropriately in a separate incident at the same Dundee care home.

Manenji is on trial accused of sexually assaulting the women at the home between November and December 2017.

Dundee Sheriff Court heard that both women were on nightshift with the 44-year-old on different occasions when they claim Manenji attacked them.

The women repeatedly broke down in tears when they gave their evidence.

One of the women claimed Manenji stroked her arm after making a bizarre demonstration about how he could break her arm.

The 29-year-old witness said: “There was a first incident where he shut my arm in a door. I just cracked a joke because it was an accident and he said sorry.

“I was about 20 to 30 steps away from the laundry baskets and as I was putting the clothes away he grabbed my arm and said ‘if I wanted to break your arm I would do this.’

“He went to bend my arm in the opposite direction and started stroking it. I just pulled away quickly, I was in complete shock.”

The witness said Manenji had been acting different than normal saying he was “over-friendly.”

She told the court that almost immediately after the incident, she was working with Manenji to put a resident to bed.

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The woman said she entered the lit bedroom alone before being followed by Manenji and the resident with the light switch then being turned off.

“I asked Washington to turn the light on but he said nothing,” she added.

“I could see nothing. I bent down to put the radiator on and as I bent down I could feel this big hand grab my bum.

“I just shouted please put the light on and he said sorry.”

The woman claimed that moments later while she was sitting down filling out a mandatory form, Manenji rubbed her shoulders and put his hands down the tunic she was wearing.

In earlier evidence, a 28-year-old woman said that Manenji put his arm around her and started stroking her chest while outside at a smoking area.

She claimed Manenji was laughing after she pulled away and later that evening, tried to pull her towards him after putting his fingers in her tunic.

The woman added that Manenji had rubbed her shoulders inappropriately during a separate incident in front of residents.

Manenji denies assaulting the first woman by massaging her knee without consent, putting his arm around her and rubbing her body, pulling her close and rubbing her shoulders between November 9-10 2017.

Between December 2-3 that year, Manenji, is alleged to have seized and stroked the second woman’s arm, turned off a light in a room and groped her, put his hand on her shoulders and and rubbed them without consent.

The trial before Sheriff Lorna Drummond QC was adjourned until August 8.