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Dundee care home staff ‘kind and caring’, report finds

A care home in Dundee’s West End has been given a positive report by the Care Inspectorate.

Bridge View Care Home, which provides 24-hour care for a maximum of 42 older people, received a score of good for the quality of care and support, staffing, and management and leadership that it provides.

Bridge View Care Home

The home also scored a very good on the quality of environment, with the report stating: “We found the home to have been maintained to a high standard. It was clean and fresh with a high standard of decor.

“Residents told us they had enjoyed sitting in the front garden during the summer and had been supported by staff to do this. People told us the staff were kind and caring.”

The home was also given recommendations to carry out including improving the range of activities available, continuing to improve record keeping skills in staff, making sure medication is managed well following good practice guidance, and ensuring that all staff training needs are met and that staff complete any identified training.

A spokesman for the home said: “We are delighted. This is a testament to the hard work of manager Heather Allison and her team.”