Dundee campaigner who fought for £40k crossing slams selfish drivers for parking on pavements

Clepington Road
Clepington Road

An angry road safety campaigner has criticised selfish drivers for parking on pavements.

Tom Wilson, 73, hit out as work takes place to install a pedestrian crossing which he spent several years helping to campaign for.

He said that during the building work, he has seen van and car drivers bumping their vehicles on to pavements on Clepington Road – forcing pedestrians to walk on the road itself.

“It’s ridiculous. One young lad on a wheelchair had to move on to the road because of these people,” said Mr Wilson.

“Some of the van drivers I have approached said they can park on the pavement because they are making deliveries.

“And there are other people who are just parking up to go to the bank. They are just shameless.

“These drivers don’t have any consideration for anyone and regularly drive up on the pavement.”

Mr Wilson fought for the £40,000 crossing to be installed and enlisted the support of Councillor Helen Wright.

It was finally given the go-ahead after receiving residents’ backing in the Dundee Decides project.

He said: “We have a lot of elderly people in this street who have real difficulty with this situation.

“There are sheltered housing units here too and this situation is happening two or three times a week.

“I have been at Clepington Road for eight years and have done a lot of work for this area.

“I suggested the idea of a crossing a few years ago and it was rejected because seemingly it wasn’t busy enough.

“Dundee City Council didn’t think it was viable at the time, but now it is and this is the first phase which should be finished in June or July.”

Mr Wilson has reported the incidents to police and the council

A council spokesman said: “We are looking into the situation.”

The area has been a traffic blackspot for years and several accidents have occurred on Clepington Road.

Just a couple of weeks ago, two cars collided at the junction with Graham Street.

Neither of the drivers was seriously injured but the accident caused traffic chaos.