Dundee boss Neil: ‘Mind-set of the club is higher than where we’ve been’

Dundee manager Neil McCann

Dundee manager Neil McCann insists he is pleased to see his team coming round to his master plan.

The Dark Blues played some positive attacking football in a 1-0 defeat away to Celtic on Saturday.

Neil said: “I don’t think you can be happy with defeat but the pleasing thing for me is what I’m trying to change.

“The mind-set of the club and where we want to go is higher than where we’ve been.

“I’ve got a dressing-room that are disappointed.

“There are manners of defeat, you can go away with your tail between your legs after a doing at Celtic Park and say it doesn’t matter. It does matter to us.

“We deserved something on Saturday. I said to them before the game and at half-time you can’t be ignorant to the fact Celtic are going to enjoy the lion’s share of possession.

“They’re also going to have sparkling performances from the likes of Patrick Roberts.

“They gave us trouble but you have to weather storms and be brave. Also when we win back possession of the ball you have to play.

“This is what I’m saying about mind-set. You see teams at Celtic Park releasing it and it comes straight back.

“It can be a bit risky and hairy at times playing from the back but if we’re going to be better I have to trust them to go to Parkhead and do that.

“It’s the only way they’re going to get better.

“I was really proud of them. Some of the performance levels were through the roof and you have to run harder than Celtic. Generally you won’t get the ball so you have to work harder to cover more grass and shut areas down.

“I don’t think I had one failure on Saturday.”