Dundee boss Neil McCann left frustrated with decision to allow A-Jay Leitch-Smith to take penalty

A-Jay Leitch-Smith scored for Dundee in the 2-1 defeat by Partick last Saturday

Fizzing Neil McCann gave himself full marks when it came to anger and frustration after Dundee blew what should have been a handsome win at Partick Thistle.

But his own players and referee Euan Anderson definitely didn’t get pass marks when it came to their displays.

The Dark Blues boss slammed his own players for failing to win after dominating most of the 90 minutes and creating a string of clear-cut chances.

But he also felt they were done an injustice by Anderson’s failure to send off Jags keeper Tomas Cerny when he conceded and then saved a first-half penalty.

And for the second week running, Neil was furious when another spot-kick appeal was waved away.

Looking at his own men first, he blasted them for not converting their opportunities.

“I don’t think there’s a score out of 10 that would be below 10 for anger and frustration. I just don’t know how we’ve lost that,” he said.

“I do know, it’s because we’re not clinical.

“When you are so far ahead in terms of domination and you don’t bury a team, when you leave the door open you get a smack in the face and we’ve had that.”

He was also furious about why scorer A-Jay Leitch-Smith took and failed to convert his team’s penalty when fellow-striker Sofien Moussa had been given the job.

“We have a chance to bury a team with the penalty.

“We’ve got a designated penalty taker and for some reason they decided to change that.

“At half-time it’s not such a big story. It’s a big story now. If we score that, it buries Partick in my opinion.”

Referee Anderson only booked Cerny for bringing down Leitch-Smith but the gaffer felt it was a red-card offence.

“I don’t think Cerny makes any attempt to get the ball, any attempt.

“The rules are that if you make a genuine attempt to get the ball it’s a booking.

“There’s no attempt to get the ball, he’s cleaned out the player.

“I was absolutely fizzing inside. It took me all my time to keep my control at the side of the pitch not to lose my rag and get sent to the stand.

“There’s one decision and then Deacon gets taken down at the box and it’s not given.”