Dundee boss Neil McCann hits out at rules after ‘car crash’ tackle

© David Young
Jack Hendry is left in pain after being brought down by Kilmarnock's Calum Waters

Dundee manager Neil McCann admits he was relieved after defender Jack Hendry came through a heavy challenge from Calum Waters relatively unscathed.

The big centre-half flew head over heels after a late tackle from the Kilmarnock man in Saturday’s 1-1 draw at Rugby Park.

With Dundee already in the midst of a defensive injury crisis, losing Hendry would have given boss Neil a headache for Hearts on Saturday.

The 22-year-old had to leave the pitch for treatment but returned and completed the full 90 minutes after a hit Neil branded a “car crash”.

“The fourth official is saying Waters mistimed it but for me it was like a car crash,” Neil said.

“He goes in at such a speed, and I know you can say he mistimed it, but I thought there was a clear split second where he (Hendry) knocks it past him and the impact means it could have been a real serious one.

The aftermath of the “car crash” challenge from Calum Waters on Jack Hendry.

“It wasn’t given but what I’m more upset about is this stupid rule.

“I was under the impression if your opponent gets booked, you didn’t need to leave the pitch.

“I asked the fourth official why Jack had to leave the pitch and he said if the treatment takes too long he has to go off.

“The guy’s just been smashed in the middle of the pitch and we’re getting punished because it takes him a wee bit longer to recover — it’s ridiculous.

“He’s our biggest player, he’s our biggest threat and we’re in a good position with the free-kick.

“They say he can’t come back on until the treatment is done and then it takes another 10 seconds before he actually lets him on in the secondary attack.

“It could’ve been a red card.”

Neil also wasn’t impressed with referee Bobby Madden at Kilmarnock’s second-half equaliser, insisting full-back Cammy Kerr was fouled in the build-up.

“I was a bit unhappy with their goal as well because I feel Kris Boyd was all over the top of Cammy Kerr,” Neil said.

“Cammy’s wheeling back and maybe it was a bit of a mismatch but I felt his arms were up.

“St Johnstone had a goal chopped off last week through Steven Anderson for virtually the same thing where he’s coming above Darren O’Dea.

“I felt there was a case there for a foul but I’m not going to cry about it.”