Dundee boss Neil feels ‘robbed’ by Moussa decision against Motherwell

Dundee's Sofien Moussa has the ball in the goal but it is disallowed by referee Stephen Finnie

Dundee boss Neil McCann says his side were “robbed of a legitimate goal” after Motherwell left Dens Park with a 1-0 victory last night.

The Steelmen moved up to third in the table ahead of Rangers after a fifth-minute Craig Tanner strike was enough to see off McCann’s men.

Things would have been different, however, had Sofien Moussa’s 40th- minute header past goalkeeper Trevor Carson been allowed to stand.

Referee Stephen Finnie saw a push on defender Peter Hartley from the big Tunisian and ruled the effort out.

Neil, though, was adamant it should have stood.

Neil McCann

He said: “There’s a coming together because it’s like a fend-off, he’s getting sandwiched and there is a touch but not enough to give a free-kick.

“We’ve been robbed of, I think, a legitimate goal there.

“I can’t fathom it out and it takes all your strength and might not to lose it at the side of the pitch.

“That’s a huge decision that’s gone against us.

“It’s a goal that gets us back level in the match and we’ve started to play.

“We go in at half-time, we’re coming out level pegging and going for the winner.

“Instead, it gives Motherwell something to regroup at half-time, something to hold on to.

“They’ve been fantastic defensively, they’ve proved that and are a big side, so it makes it harder for us.”

Neil is unhappy with a string of decisions in recent games that have gone against his team saying there’s an “unjust feeling” at Dens presently.

He added: “That is a number of, not even small decisions, these are huge decisions that have gone against us recently, big game-changing decisions, I think.

“Last night, Stephen Finnie said to me at half-time there was a tiny or a soft push or something, I can’t remember his exact words.

“But if we’re giving free-kicks for that, the game’s stopping every two minutes because clearly there’s two men coming together.

“Sometimes it’s hard to take because you look at it and there’s a real unjust feeling about it because they have been huge ones.

“There’s always a difference of opinion, it’s a tough job these boys have but it’s a tough job we’ve got as well.”