Dundee Asda given go-ahead to replace petrol station

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An application by Asda to build a new petrol station at its Milton of Craigie store has been approved by Dundee City Council.

The supermarket giant had applied for permission to replace the filling station and carry out associated works.

The petrol station is located south of Moffat Road between Kingsway East and Milton of Craigie.

It currently has six pumps and operates 24 hours a day.

The application was submitted by Jigsaw Planning on behalf of Asda.

A statement by transport consultancy Systra submitted with the application said that it was proposed to knock down and rebuild the facility, which will have six pumps with 12 filling positions.

The statement added: “The proposed removal of the kiosk will provide more room on the site.

“Two jet wash bays will be incorporated west of the site, along with two parking spaces, providing air, water and vacuum spaces.”

The new petrol station will also have a pay-at-pump facility and will include extendable hoses to allow drivers to use any pump regardless of the position of their petrol cap. There will be no retail facility at the petrol station.

Access will remain largely the same, with customers entering and leaving from Moffat Road.

Approval was granted with a number of conditions, including that the jet wash will only be in operation from 7am-11pm and that development will not start until risk assessments are carried out.