Dundee Airport asks for powers to prosecute over crimes

Dundee Airport’s bosses are bidding to secure powers which would allow them to prosecute people for crimes committed on their land.

Highlands and Islands Airports Limited (HIAL), which runs the Dundee operation, has started a consultation on new bylaws which would give airport officials the ability to charge people and prosecute them through the courts.

The move would give Dundee Airport the same powers as other similar transport facilities across the UK, with the ability to prosecute for a range of offences.

However, Councillor Fraser Macpherson, who represents the city’s West End ward, has questioned the need for the airport to be given stronger powers.

Mr Macpherson, who is also a member of the Dundee Airport Consultative Committee, said: “I’m confident it will be discussed by the committee in the near future.

“I’ll be talking to the airport manager Derrick Lang about why it is felt to be necessary.

“The police in Dundee do a fantastic job as it is and it’s a small airport where a very small number of incidents occur.

“I’d like to know why they would want to take on this responsibility.”

Bylaws are usually put in place by bodies such as local authorities but the powers can also be given to some private organisations, including airport operators.

The consultation on the airport’s plans is open for comments until April 18 via the Scottish Government’s transport department.

Scottish ministers are required to confirm any bylaws made by a Scottish airport before they can come into force.

A spokesman for Transport Scotland said: “We are aware Dundee Airport intends to apply to make by-laws under the Airport Acts 1986.

“In deciding whether or not to confirm them once they are submitted, Scottish ministers will fully consider all representations received from the public.”

A spokesman for HIAL said: “The introduction of by-laws at Dundee Airport would bring it in line with our other airports.

“It would ensure we have the appropriate level of control over all our airports’ space, safety and security and follows best practice.”