Driving theory test: We asked locals five questions… Can you answer them?

It’s a milestone and one of the most nerve-wracking experiences of many people’s lives — sitting your driving test.

And a recent survey by airport transfers company Hoppa has found that 99% of motorists would fail their theory test if they had to sit it again.

The theory test is 50 questions designed to test a person’s knowledge on all things driving related.

To pass you need to get 43 or higher.

So we took to the streets of Dundee to see if the city’s drivers would cruise through the questions or hit the skids.

Of the six people we asked, three got all five questions correct.

The survey results showed an average result of just 42% — a long way off the 86% required to pass the real thing.

The lowest-scoring question — of which only 19% answered correctly — was related to stopping distances on wet roads.

The questions the Tele asked were:

  • What is the right hand lane used for on a three-way motorway?
  • You are driving on an open road in dry weather, what should the distance be between you and the vehicle in front?
  • What does the law require you keep in good condition?
  • What should you do when moving off from behind a parked car?
  • If police stop and ask you to come to the station with your documents, how long do you have?

Karen Adamson, 53, from Inchture, has been driving since she was 19 — how would three decades of experience serve her?

Karen Adamson

She got four out of five correct — with her answers of ‘the fast lane, two car lengths, seat belts, check your mirrors, and seven days.’

One person who admitted that he didn’t expect to pass was Eddie Lafferty, 41, from Douglas — yet he managed an impressive four out of five.

Eddie Lafferty

Eddie, who has been driving for 24 years and passed his test at the first attempt, said he drives a lot. He got every answer correct except the distance question which he incorrectly answered ‘two car lengths’. The correct answer is a ‘two-second time gap’.

Taxi driver Greg Petrie, 49, didn’t disappoint — and reassuringly passed with flying colours.

Greg Petrie

Greg, who passed his test first time and has been a taxi driver for the past seven years, correctly identified the answers.

Also scoring full marks were 19-year-old Bruce Keillor, from Forfar, and 23-year-old Sherilyn Taylor, from Fintry.

Sherilyn got five out of five and Bruce — who passed his theory test on his fourth try — has clearly let the knowledge sink in as he also got all five

David Hayter, 78, of Elm Street, a former bus driver got two correct.

David Hayter is quizzed by Tele reporter Sarah

He correctly answered on how to move off from behind a parked car and what the law requires you to keep in good condition.

In the run-up to Road Safety Week — an initiative by road safety charity Brake — Hoppa wanted to find out how people would score with a condensed version of the official theory test. Hoppa surveyed 1,000 licence holders across the UK with 15 multiple choice questions.

Renaldo Scheepers, CEO at Hoppa, said: “It’s concerning to see that so many of us drivers would fail the theory test if we were to retake it today.

“There’s 32 million licence holders on UK roads, so we really ought to get clued up.”