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Drink driver caught in Dundee after ex alerted police the morning after booze session

A man who admitted driving while three times the limit was reported to police by his ex-girlfriend.

Harrison Conway, 23, of Callender Gardens, admitted that he drove with excess alcohol in his system (66 mics) at Dundee Road West on August 12.

Fiscal depute Lynne Mannion told the court Conway and his ex-partner still lived in the same house and she had called police as she was concerned that he had gone off to a bowling club and knew he had been drinking the night before.

Solicitor Nicola Brown told the court Conway’s job as a gardener was in jeopardy due to the conviction.

“He stopped drinking at 1am and thought he would be OK to drive,” she told the court. “It was a clear error of judgment.”

Sheriff Jillian Martin-Brown fined Conway £335 and banned him from driving for 12 months.