Dog attack in Dundee street by Rottweiler leaves Finlay, 10, ‘traumatised’

Finlay recovering at home with mum Terri Thorburn. Left, his injured leg after it was cleaned.

A Dundee schoolboy has been left “traumatised” after being savaged by a Rottweiler.

Finlay Reid, 10, needed surgery on his leg to close the gaping wound he suffered in the mauling.

He had been playing with a friend near the shops in Fintry Drive when the Rottweiler lunged at him.

Pictures were taken of Finlay’s injuries but they are too gruesome to publish.

Finlay’s injured leg

Finlay’s mum, Terri Thorburn, 33, said that the attack had “traumatised” her son.

She told the Tele: “Finlay and his pal were racing each other to the shops.

“The dog just went for him. Finlay ran, but he told me that it took him to the ground.

“He said it got hold of his inside thigh and took a chunk out of it.

“I ran up the road after Finlay phoned me.

“He was screaming that he had been bitten but I didn’t expect it to be as bad as it was.

“There was a lot of blood that had soaked through his joggers.”

Terri said that she was later told the dog had been seen outside the shops not long after the attack and it was not muzzled.

She said: “I’m raging about the whole situation.”

Finlay’s open wound after it was cleaned at Ninewells

Finlay, a P7 pupil at St Francis (Longhaugh) Primary, was operated on at Ninewells Hospital to clean and close the wound.

He is recovering at home after last Friday’s incident at 4.10pm, but Terri says that while the physical injuries may be healing, the psychological ones are still fresh and run deep.

“He’s been traumatised by the attack,” she said.

“He says it was the scariest day of his life and he’s been waking during the night because he’s been dreaming about the dog.

“I’m not at all happy with how the police have handled this.

“The police have yet to come to talk to us.”

A Police Scotland spokesman said: Police Scotland attended at an address in Fintry, on December 1 after a report of a dog having bitten a 10-year-old.

“The matter was fully investigated and it was found that nothing criminal had taken place.”