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Dundee doctors cleared over suicide of tragic Lee but dad hits out a judgment

Phil Welsh with partner Lesley Nicoll.

A GP surgery has been cleared of any wrongdoing in the run-up to a Dundee dad taking his own life.

Lee Welsh was found dead at his Peddie Street home last August, aged 27.

His dad Phil complained to the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO) about Coldside Medical Practice, claiming GPs had failed to give Lee adequate care before his death.

Lee Welsh

He also complained that practice bosses had failed to respond to the family’s original complaint in a reasonable way.

The SPSO has now informed the family that neither of the two complaints were upheld.

The ombudsman said it appreciated there were difficulties in Lee’s case but concluded: “I am of the view that medical staff followed the relevant guidance and acted reasonably in light of the information available to them.

“I conclude that the standard of medical care and treatment provided to Lee was reasonable.”

Mr Welsh said: “We are very disappointed that the ombudsman found there was nothing to suggest that Lee was suicidal.

Phil Welsh with partner Lesley Nicoll.

“On two occasions Lee told his GP he was going to crash his van into something in a bid to end his own life.

“A counsellor at his work also contacted Lee’s GP herself to tell him she was concerned he was suicidal.

“However, the ombudsman’s findings claim there were no details in Lee’s clinical records to suggest that urgent admission to a psychiatric unit was necessary.

“The findings added that history presented did not suggest that Lee was planning to harm himself and that the GP assessment was reasonable and they did not overlook any significant risk which could have prevented Lee’s suicide. I just don’t accept any of that.”

A spokesman for Coldside Medical Practice said it would be inappropriate to comment on an individual case.

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