Disabled man fears he will be run over due to new drive-thru restaurant opening

A drive-thru similar to the one planned.
A drive-thru similar to the one planned.

A Disabled Fife man fears a youngster will be hurt or worse at a busy Glenrothes road after a new drive-thru restaurant opens.

Richard Mackie, 55, said he has already nearly been hit while trying to cross roads approaching the A92 Bankhead roundabout.

But with work on a new McDonald’s going ahead on neighbouring Woodside Way, the mobility scooter user fears problems will only get worse.

“Traffic is bad enough there right now, but will get worse when it opens and will draw young people there.

“I fear that somebody will get hurt or worse. It’s very dangerous.”

The problems he encounters centre on the Beaufort Drive area, just off the roundabout, as he tries to access local shops and other amenities.

He said the road was already very busy and drivers came off the roundabout very fast “and don’t see you and you don’t see them till the last second”.

Fife Council service manager Alastair Hamilton said: “Road safety issues, both traffic and pedestrian, were considered as part of this planning application’s assessment.

“The A92 is managed and maintained by Bear Scotland.

“They were consulted during the planning application and did not raise any issues.”