Deportation for Latvian man who committed string of crimes since moving to Dundee a few years ago

Dundee Sheriff Court

A Latvian man who has committed a string of offences in Dundee since moving to the city a few years ago is to be deported.

Radions Hrapcenkovs, 37, of no fixed abode, admitted being in a recycling yard in circumstances whereby it could be inferred he intended to commit theft.

He admitted the offence at Dundee Sheriff Court on Thursday — and was told he was now facing deportation back to his native Latvia.

Procurator fiscal Claire Rowan told the court Hrapcenkovs was captured on CCTV in the enclosed yard of BSI, Millers Wynd, at 3.25am on June 2 2017.

She said he was seen to walk up towards a skip and climb on it, looking inside. Security guards came out and confronted him and police were called.

Sheriff Alastair Carmichael noted the case had been adjourned previously on several occasions as the accused had failed to appear.

Defence solicitor Anika Jethwa told the court the reason for Hrapcenkovs’ offending was because he was drinking too much alcohol.

There had also been problems with getting Hrapcenkovs transported to court from Dungavel Immigration Detention Centre, where he was being held.

Two years ago Hrapcenkovs was charged with stealing coins from Dundee City Square fountain, and the case was continued for further examination.

A warrant needed to be issued for his arrest when he failed to return for a future hearing.

“He has found himself appearing before the courts and now intends to return to Latvia where his family will support him,” Ms Jethwa said.

Referring to his latest case, she added: “The matter has been adjourned six times as he was not brought from Dungavel.”

She said Hrapcenkovs’ time on remand at Dungavel had been “a sentence of sorts” because he had been in prison for more than the three months maximum sentence for the charge he was on.

The delay in him being deported was down to the current proceedings and the problems with him not being brought to court, she said.

Sheriff Carmichael admonished and dismissed Hrapcenkovs, and told him he would still be held in custody until his deportation order could be carried out.