Decommissioning boss claims Dundee jobs jeopardised

The man leading Dundee’s decommissioning jobs drive has accused the Scottish Government of endangering the city’s efforts by “throwing taxpayers’ money” at their rivals.

The SNP administration announced an investment in Shetland’s Dales Voe after designating it the “optimal UK location” for breaking up North Sea platforms.

Callum Falconer, the chief executive of Dundeecom, said the city’s bid “may well be compromised by this uneven playing field that is being created by the government”.

Quayside upgrade for new work.

“We are really creating a decommissioning-ready city in Dundee and this is all on the back of private enterprise,” he said.

“Meanwhile in Shetland the government is throwing taxpayers’ money at other facilities and showcasing them as the place to go.

“Private enterprise is being compromised by frivolous spending of public money on a facility that probably won’t produce anything like the return it will need to justify this huge investment.

“Everybody in Dundee is investing their time and their money and then what happens? The government and the Oil and Gas Authority go off on their own little frolic – and say ‘actually this (Shetland) is where you should be doing your businesses’.”

Decommissioning is the dismantling of oil and gas installations and could bring hundreds of jobs to the city.

The emerging North Sea sector could be worth £40 billion between now and 2040, although most of that will be for offshore work such as removing pipelines.

A Scottish Government spokesman said: “We support the ambitions of Dundee as a location for decommissioning.

“The market is diverse and includes smaller platforms, subsea infrastructure and floating infrastructure that does not require a deep-water port.”