Dad feared for family’s safety after man forced his way into Dundee home twice

The incidents happened on the city's Craigmount Road.

A Dundee man who claimed his drink had been spiked forced his way into his childhood home twice within four days.

Shaun Logan, 49, of Anderson Lane, was placed on a curfew at Dundee Sheriff Court after barging into a home in Charleston.

The court heard the property had belonged to Logan’s father in the past, with a “mumbling” Logan asking why he was being kept out of “my house”.

Fiscal depute Marie Irvine told the court that Logan had appeared at the home around 5.30pm on June 3.

She said: “One of the occupants was putting his child to bed and he heard a knock at the door. Believing it was his mother, or mother-in-law, he continued to put his child to bed and the knocking continued, sounding like the person was kicking the door.

“The occupant opened the door, the accused pushed the door back and the occupant was stuck behind the door.

“The accused entered the hallway. Fearing for his family’s safety, the occupant forced the accused out of his property then locked the door.”

Ms Irvine said Logan returned to the household on June 6, attempting to gain entry.

She added: “It was intimated that he was not getting to come into the property. The accused backed up and moved away from the door, mumbling something about ‘keeping me out my house’.”

Solicitor Kevin Hampton, acting on behalf of Logan, told the court he believed his client’s drink had been spiked and had no recollection of the events.

He said: “These addresses were childhood addresses. One was his father’s and he went back under the influence of something. He accepts being there and behaving inappropriately.”

Logan admitted two separate charges of behaving in a threatening or abusive manner on June 3 and June 6, at an address in Craigmount Road.

He admitted kicking a door, demanding entry to the property, kicking the door and entering the premises uninvited, on the first occasion and repeatedly striking the door and entering the premises uninvited on the second occasion. He also admitted striking a window and causing damage at Brownhill Place on June 3.

Sheriff John Rafferty placed Logan on a curfew between 7pm-7am for two months for the offences.