Cyclists in local area ‘put off by potholes’

A councillor wants cyclists to be taken into consideration when road repairs are made after a survey found many were put off by poor surface conditions.

Jonny Tepp was responding to research for Cycle North Fife, which highlighted potholes as a major complaint for local riders.

Almost 40% of respondents said the condition of roads or cycle paths prevented them from riding more often and 75% said improvements should be a high priority.

Tay Bridgehead councillor Mr Tepp said the majority of road patching work did not take cyclists into account.

He said: “The benefits of cycling to health and wellbeing are increasingly acknowledged.

“If we want to be responsible to the growing number of people responding to this message we must start addressing anomalies that on the one hand promote national cycle routes whilst on the other fail to maintain them in a manner that is fit for purpose.”