Csaba’s salute to loyal Dundee United fans

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Csaba Laszlo’s revealed he scrapped his usual post-match video session to show his players Dundee United fans are among the best around.

After the disastrous 6-1 defeat at Falkirk the week before, he admits he thought United’s 1200-strong travelling support would drop considerably when they headed for Dunfermline last weekend.

But he was taken aback to see a similar-sized Tangerine army at East End Park.

That’s doubled his determination to get United back to the top flight and he’s made sure his team feel the same way.

“Dundee United have fantastic fans. After the game against Falkirk everybody leaves the stadium and you had a lot of angry fans, but they showed for the team against Dunfermline. They again filled the full stand,” he said.

“This is what is really the message to us, to the dressing-room.

“It’s that ‘we know you are not always Barcelona, we know you have problems but we stay behind you.’

“You know what, I didn’t show any videos from the game to the team.

“What I showed, I showed five, six, seven, eight minutes long — the fans.

“In this direction I try to work so that they (the players) understand their responsibility.”

Csaba, meanwhile, confirmed he was aware of stories linking injured star Scott Fraser with a move to Hearts.

He’s hoping they’re no more than rumours and would like to think if there is any truth in them the midfielder would already have told him.

“I haven’t spoken to Scott Fraser because he is currently injured but if this is true then I am a little bit sad.

“That is because we are staying fully behind Scott and believe that before the end of the season he can come back and help the team.

“At the moment, I have just heard rumours and it’s not clear.

“If it is true then I would like for the player to come to me and say OK, gaffer I want to move. I want honesty.

“Personally, I like Scott’s style of football. On the other hand, at the moment he also needs us.

“He has the injury and you never know how things will be afterwards. You have to build up again.

“The door is open to him here and I hope, definitely, that this is just a rumour and nothing else.

“What would be ideal is if he can go to the Premiership with us.”