Csaba wants a positive change as new Dundee United chairman comes in

New Dundee United chairman Mike Martin

Dundee United manager Csaba Laszlo hopes the change in chairman heralds a fresh start at the club.

The Tannadice gaffer expressed his sadness at the departure of his former boss Stephen Thompson at the start of this week.

Now, though, he’s hoping a new man at the helm in Mike Martin can bring about a “positive” future.

Csaba said: “We are a team that has been relegated, failed to get promoted in the play-offs and we are all desperate to get back up.

“We have had changes — players, manager and now chairman — and we are still fighting to get promoted.

“The past is the past and we have to look to the future now.

“Having new people in charge could have a positive effect on the club, with new ideas, and I hope this works out positively.

“The club has been suffering and I saw that from my first moment (at the club).

“I also knew the Dundee United of the past and I was committed to help the club improve.

“When a chairman leaves a club you wonder what is next but, after talking to Mike Martin, I saw he is also positive and wants to follow his own ideas.

“It is important to have a plan and I am willing to stay and work with the new board.

“I am an employee of the club, of course, and every manager has to deliver results.

“That is my job.”