Crooks steal two nude gnomes that sunbathed in couple’s Dundee garden

Crooks took gnome prisoners when they made off with two unique “nude” ornaments from a Dundee garden.

Yvonne and Dougy Barron have a host of different ornaments in their garden, but have now been stripped of a couple of their favourites after thieves struck.

Yvonne and Dougy Barron’s nude gnomes were stolen from their garden

The figures, which look like they are enjoying a spot of sunbathing, were naked apart from their iconic hats and boots — although Mrs Gnome also kept her pants on.

The couple bought the handmade characters while browsing a car boot sale in Errol.

Yvonne said she was taken by the ornaments, which were £10 each, because they “appealed to her sense of humour” — and she gave them pride of place in their Dykehead Place garden in Stobswell.

The naked gnomes

The 68-year-old retired cleaner said they have a host of different ornaments in their garden.

But it seems the crooks were only interested in making off with the unusual naked gnomes.

She said: “At the boot sale, the seller had made them himself and there were only four of them.

“I had never seen anything like them before. I thought they were brilliant, so we got two of them and put them in our garden.

“We were heading into the house and I noticed they were gone.

“I asked Dougy if he had moved them but he hadn’t — that’s when we realised they had been stolen.

“We have other gnomes in the garden — bigger ones — but the thieves weren’t interested in them. They were only interested in the nude gnomes.

“It is a shame because we won’t be able to replace them.”

Yvonne said she finds it disconcerting thieves were operating in the area.

She said she had not contacted the police about the theft.

But she hoped her story would help keep locals alert to intruders.

And although she admitted it is unlikely the couple will get their nude gnomes back, she said she is still holding out a little bit of hope the culprit will feel bad and return them.

She said: “We didn’t phone the police because we didn’t want to waste their time.

“One of our neighbours had a gnome stolen a few years back and she contacted police but they didn’t look into it.

“Maybe someone will have a guilty conscience and put them back — but I doubt that will happen.”

It isn’t the first time that thieves have targeted gnomes in Dundee.

The Tele previously reported on thieves making off with customised demon figurines from the Liff Terrace garden of Nybee Carter, 31, and her husband Craig, 32.