Crackdown on antisocial behaviour from kids using free Wi-Fi at local supermarkets

Police are working with supermarkets in a bid to stamp out antisocial behaviour by youths.

Youngsters have been gathering near supermarkets to shelter from the cold and often to use free Wi-Fi but a small number are causing problems for staff and customers.

Angus Locality Inspector Steven Smith, said: “For some time now we have had increased patrols around some supermarkets and other areas where we know that youths are gathering in numbers.

“We know that the youngsters hang around the supermarkets in particular due to their having free Wi-Fi and obviously they afford a degree of shelter from the cold.

“However, this can lead to annoyance and aggravation for customers and staff there alike.

“We would like to reinforce our previous message that parents and carers have responsibility for their children and should know where they are and what they’re up to.”