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Councillors vote to name new Dundee street after suffragette rather than ex PM

Councillors have voted overwhelmingly to name a new Dundee street after suffragette Ethel Moorhead rather than former prime minister John Russell.

The city development committee proposed naming a new street on the site of the former Bucklemaker Court and Butterburn Court multi-storey blocks after the suffragette.

Ms Moorhead’s campaign included arson and throwing an egg at then Dundee MP Winston Churchill. Her name was put forward after the suggestion of restoring the former street name Russell Street provoked a public outcry.

John Russell served as prime minister twice for Queen Victoria, but his government has been blamed for one million deaths in Ireland during the Great Hunger.

SNP, Labour and Conservative councillors all voted to name the street after Moorhead with the city’s two Lib Dem councillors backing the call to defer the vote.