Councillor slams ‘false fire alarm calls from Dundee school pupils’

Eleven “malicious” instances of Dundee school pupils needlessly calling emergency services have been branded “very serious”.

Between October and December, the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service was called to city schools 11 times after pupils sounded fire alarms for no reason.

A total of 32 malicious false alarms were reported during the three-month period. Of these, 11 false alarms were recorded from city schools.

It is believed these instances were reported to Dundee City Council only after teachers uncovered an online contest between two schools to see who could rank up the most false alarms.

Pupils from the schools in question, believed to be Harris Academy and Baldragon Academy, allegedly challenged each other to sound as many false alarms as they could.

The social media contest was brought to an end after concerned teachers and pupils reported the challenge.

Broughty Ferry councillor Laurie Bidwell branded the allegations “very serious” and said he hoped any pupils identified would be punished appropriately.

Laurie Bidwell
Laurie Bidwell

Mr Bidwell said: “Apart from the waste of resources, it’s a concern that the fire service may be required at a real fire incident. It’s clearly very serious.

“I’m all for a friendly rivalry between schools. It’s fine when it’s about sporting teams but we clearly don’t want pupils competing over something like this.

“I would hope that if the perpetrators can be tracked down they are suitably punished.”