Council reveals Dundee streets where 20mph speed limit will be trialled

The city council has revealed which Dundee streets will be included in a year-long 20mph speed limit trial.

Johnston Avenue, Glentruim Terrace, Glenaffric Terrace, Glenogil Avenue, Glenmarkie Terrace, Glenmoy Avenue, Glenprosen Drive, Glenprosen Terrace and Glenclova Terrace will all adopt the reduced limit later this year.

It follows intensive campaigning by residents in Johnston Avenue for a lower speed limit to be introduced and comments made in a city-wide consultation on 20mph limits.

The date for the introduction of the limit has still to be confirmed.

Residents of the Glens area who spoke to the Tele welcomed the trial reduction of the speed limit, which will last for a year.


Derek Wood, a retired offshore worker, said Johnston Avenue was often turned into a “racetrack” at night.

The 66-year-old added: “People don’t pay any attention to the 30mph signs. They need to reduce the limit.

“Twenty’s plenty. The speed at which some people drive is shocking. When the schools come out it’s chock-a-block here.”

Long-term resident Grace Wilson, 67, said the limit “definitely” had to be lowered but added that the problems had only started in recent years.

Ms Wilson, pictured left, said: “This area is just a rat-run. We’ve lived here for 26 years and while it’s always been busy because it’s a through road, it’s been worse recently.”

Coldside councillor Jimmy Black said: “Anyone who drives at more than 20mph in this area is a dangerous driver who is putting lives at risk.

“I completely support the residents in their calls for a 20mph speed limit and I hope the police take action to enforce that.”

Will Dawson, convener of the council’s city development committee, added: “While we have a good and improving track record of accident prevention in the city, with the number of fatal and serious accidents at an all-time low, we are always looking at new and better ways of preventing people being killed or injured.”