Council refuses plea of wheelchair user for dropped kerb on Dundee street

Anne Smart’s request for a dropped kerb closer to her home in Fleming Gardens North has been declined by Dundee City Council.

A disabled woman has blasted Dundee City Council for refusing her request for a dropped kerb close to her home — because it would not benefit the whole community.

Anne Smart claims she has to travel down the middle of the road to get back on to the pavement at the end of her street.

The 67-year-old, who can walk only short distances, said she once tumbled out of her wheelchair and into the road, leaving her scared to go outside. Ever since the incident, she has booked taxis to get around.

Anne Smart in her home

The final straw came when a taxi driver was unable to lift her chair on to the pavement outside her flat in Fleming Gardens North, forcing her to once more travel to the end of the street.

But when she asked the council to drop the kerb closer to her home, her request was denied.

“They said that somebody might park their car in front of it,” said Anne.

“But the cars don’t park on my side of the road. The excuse they gave me was very poor.

“After the accident, I became very frightened. If anything had come down the road, I could have been badly hurt.

“I would like to see a dip in the road, so that I can get in and out of a taxi no bother.”

Before her request was refused, two council officials and a representative from Dundee Access Group visited Fleming Gardens North and assessed Anne’s situation.

Erik Cramb, convener of Dundee Access Group, said: “I was very happy to come and be the link between Mrs Smart and the council official. If Mrs Smart wishes to pursue the dropped kerb further, then we will be willing to help her.”

Erik Cramb, convener of Dundee Access Group

Anne was instead made aware of the Dundee Decides programme, where residents are invited to vote on how the council spends a £1.2 million community infrastructure fund.

Under the scheme her street has been earmarked for new dropped kerbs.

A council spokeswoman said: “We are looking at the overall area for any future dropped kerb provision that could benefit the whole community.”

Dundee Decides is open to everyone in the city aged 11 and over. Votes can be cast online at until March 23.