Council to give tax relief on empty dwellings

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Perth and Kinross Council is to give council tax relief to some owners of long-term empty dwellings.

The council had agreed a phased approach to applying a relief to the tax would be more suited to its policy, and this began on April 1.

Kevin Fraser, principal officer with Perth and Kinross Council, has compiled a report which suggests it would be “beneficial” to introduce an element of discretion to assist those who are taking clear steps to bring unoccupied dwellings back into use.

He said: “It is felt that a reconsideration of any such discretion is now made, given that we are now at the final stage of the phased approach and also in light of the recent change to the charges for dwellings in council tax bands E to H.”

He proposes an amendment to policy on the charging of council tax on long-term empty premises.

This would follow if an existing owner resumes activity to bring a long-term empty dwelling back into use, or where the nature of the building is such that it could not reasonably be brought up to a habitable standard within timescales allowed.

The report will be discussed by the council’s strategic policy and resources committee.