Cops find several local taxis with ‘significant’ defects

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Eight taxis or private hire vehicles were found to have “significant” defects and a further 46 drivers received warnings after a police crackdown.

Road policing officers from Tayside Division, along with vehicle examiners from the Driver Vehicle Standards Agency, have been carrying out checks of taxis and private hire vehicles in the Dundee and Angus areas as part of a festive safety campaign.

A spokesman for Police Scotland said efforts were made to ensure that taxi and private hire operators and drivers were maintaining their vehicles to the standard required and complying with the conditions of their licences.

A total of 122 taxis and private hire vehicles were checked as part of Operation Fare.

Eight vehicles were found to have significant defects in relation to tyres, inoperative doors, insecure seats and lights.

These were dealt with by means of fixed penalty notices and prohibitions.

Minor defects were found on 46 vehicles and the drivers were given warnings and corrective advice.

Drivers were also given advice in relation to dress code and the general cleanliness of the vehicles.

The police spokesman added: “The public will be pleased to know that the majority of vehicles and drivers that were checked were found to have no defects or issues.”